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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts

Thought 1: Has anyone noticed that most super bowl ads don't use the phrase "super bowl" in the ad? That's because of trade mark issues, and most companies get around it by using words like "Win tickets to the big game" while having football-type images in the ad.

Thought 2: Great game, real close, Giants managed to pull off the winning touch down with 2 minutes left. I'm not much into football, but since I'm from NY, Go Giants.

Thought 3: In each company, whoever decided to spend $2.7M for an ad should be fired. I know there're "intangibles results", such as employee moral, but everything else can be somewhat measured. Viewership wise, we can look at it on a CPM model - cost per 1000 commercial views. The large audience somewhat justifies the price of the commercial, but by what I understand, the CPM is still about 1.5x the cost of a "normal commercial" on prime time TV. It normally wouldn't be that big of a deal to buy a commercial at 1.5 times CPM cost, but when you buy that much inventory at the same time (large amount of viewers), the loss is tremendous.

CEO's of super bowl commercial companies: If you have $2.7M to burn a hole in your bank-pocket, let ME burn it. I'll pocket 10% (average agency fee) of the $2.7M and still produce better trackable results - brand awareness, "spike" in website or store traffic, etc. Brand awareness are measured through the research team, such as surveys, measuring brand name recognition, both assisted and unassisted, etc. And with my spending methods, it wouldn't be a "spike" in traffic, it would be more of a consistent increase, well, until the $2.7M runs out anyway, but it'll take several months. If I become your consultant, I'll produce better results with your $2.7M than a super bowl commercial, and you'll save some $$ by firing the chain of employees that it took to get the commercial plan together. I know you're in charge of companies with lots and lots of money, but QUIT WASTING IT. If by any chance a CEO wants to contact me, I can put a "real" marketing plan together with expected results after a consultation call.

Final note: I seem to enjoy super bowl more and more every year. It's not about the game itself for me, but the company I'm with, and an excuse to indulge in food that I normally wouldn't eat, well, at least in that quantity.


Blogger Andrew said...

Does Thought 3 factor in the fact that every other time of the year people will do everything in their power to avoid commercials but for the Super Bowl, people are more likely to hit the john during the game than the commercials?

2/05/2008 4:51 PM  
Blogger Paul Zhao said...

No, I don't think that factors in. It's counted as "viewership" taking the assumption that "If you're watching this program without changing channels, chances are, you're watching the commercials that goes with it". But yes, the number of "viewers" of a commercial during regular "prime time" TV might be inflated due to that factor and the CPM for it could be higher than we thought.

2/05/2008 4:58 PM  
Blogger Nick Zorn said...

Thought 1: The NFL actually tried to trademark the phrase "The Big Game" in addition to "Super Bowl", but eventually realized it wasn't going to happen and gave up. I think part of it is that the NFL doesn't want you to go out to a bar and watch the Super Bowl. The more people who stay at home to watch, the more documentable viewers the NFL can claim. i.e. they can say to advertisers, "The Super Bowl was viewed in 100 million households last year, your 30 second timeslot costs $x,000,000"

Thought 3: It seems worse this year because for the most part the commercials were not entertaining at all. The reason people want to watch the Super Bowl commercials is because it usually represents the best the advertising industry has to offer (which makes sense, since it is the most expensive program to buy commercial time for). A few more years like the last two and people will stop caring about the commercials as much.

2/05/2008 5:00 PM  

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