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Friday, August 31, 2007

My New 2003 Mustang Convertible

2003 mustang convertible
Was looking to buy a new car, and saw this ad on Craigslist
"Beautiful 2003 dark blue Mustang convertible automatic with white top . Spoiler, V6, multi-CD system, 35,000 mile scheduled maintenance just done. Excellent condition. Low Mileage!!!! Garage parked during ownership.WAY below Kelly and Edmunds Blue Books!! MACH Audio System. Clean white leather interior. Owned by non-smoker. Moving. Must sell."

I checked out the car with my friend, who's the product manager of's Cars section, and also makes a web video series, Grease On Your Hands. He made sure there's nothing wrong with the car, and I negotiated down from $11k to $10.5k.

I just got the title signed to me. I just have to go to NC and take care of some stuff at the DMV over the weekend, can't wait to drive my new car next week. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trip To Atlantic City

I took a trip to Atlantic City over the weekend. I only had one day dedicated to gambling. I mostly wanted to play some poker. I lost $170.

I got their around noon, and went to Taj Mahol. I bought $100 on a 2/5 no limit table, and I felt like my short stack probably wasn't going to cut it on that table, way too much raising and forced action. I moved to a 1/2 no limit table, people were "playing friendlier". After about 2 hours, I made about $30. My chip range was always between $50 and $140.

I left to do some tourist things, and came back that night around 9ish. I was tired and a little sleepy. I went to play some poker at Tropicana. I made some bad decisions and played impatiently, and lost $200. Maybe it could've been the level of competition is different at night comparing to during the afternoon.

Either way, I knew when I lost $200, it was time to quit. Slightly annoyed about the $170 I lost that day, I bought a $4 shot glass, and that cheered me up some. I know, the smallest things amuse me.

Speaking of amusing small things, I decided to get a $5 palm reading at the board walk. She told me about myself. They were mostly right, but then again, the information could've been gathered through logic. She told me "You are not married because you've been working hard for your career". That was right, but it probably was from me speaking educatedly and wore no ring. She also told me that I had a relationship that was about 2 years, but it didn't work out. Right again, but I'm guessing that happened to 80% of the people my age. She said I haven't met the right type of women, and I dislike letting women walk all over me. Again, she was right, but I'm guessing that's how every single guy feels like.

But I was really intrigued. Even if nothing comes out of it, maybe she had some good life advice she could've given me. I asked her for more. She gave me some fortunes and general life advice I should follow. She told me I'd live a long healthy life, and I'll get married within the next 2-3 years. January and September are good months. My future mate will have the initials SK, and I'm compatible with Virgos. Whoa, that's some specific stuff. At the time, I didn't think of it, but afterwards, I just realized my best female friend in the world had initials SK before she got married, I was just totally weirded out by that. As just typed the last paragraph, I checked on the birthday of Virgos (Aug 23 - Sep 23), and I'm pretty sure her Bday's in September. That was just totally strange. The $5 palm reading turned into a $20 one with fortunes with it, she even gave me a "healing", which she put some scented oil on my hand and concentrated, and gave me a small rock to keep in my pocket for a few days.

Atlantic city was a great experience. I'll easily forget the money I lost, but I'll remember the palm reading for a very long time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip to NY

I took a business trip to NYC last Wednesday, and decided to stay on Long Island to hang out with some family and friends for the weekend. I had our traveling department change my flight back from Wed night to Sunday night, and "worked from home" on Thursday and Friday after that.

When we arrived in the meeting, the locals weren't there yet. It turned out that there was a tornado in Brooklyn and a flood everywhere else, all the subway systems were flooded and people took 3-4 hours to get to work that morning. Personally, if I was a local and it was "just another work day", I'd just take a half day off from work instead of being in 90 degrees heat and 80% humidity, and walk 30 blocks to go to work.

Our meeting was at 10AM, and due to a slight delay in the flight, I got there around 10:05 or 10:10 or so (in Manhattan). The locals got there around 11:30 due to the flood. They couldn't find a cab anywhere, but there're always cabs at airports (which I took).

The meeting was fun, but somewhat long. I'm not used to sitting at a table with a few other people for more than 4 hours long. But oh well, if others have to sit with me, it's the least I could do for them.

After the meeting, I met some friends in NYC for dinner, and picked up a rental car for Long Island. Long Island was fun as always, great to see family and friends. I'm really proud of them; three of my best friends growing up became a finance person, a programmer, and a NYPD.

I went out drinking with my NYPD friend Saturday night, and decided to hit on these two girls. They were an average looking Asian girl (can't remember her name) and a cute white girl named Denise, both looked like they were in their late 20's/early 30's. They seemed like great, easy to talk to and funny people. Denise seemed to be more receptive, something about the Asian girl didn't add up; maybe Denise just took an extra class in life on how to be PC, that's all. About 30 minutes into it, I found out that they both are over 40, the Asian girl's divorced with an 11 year old son, and Denise is in the process of getting a divorce with two kids, can't remember their ages. I was too drunk to realize I shouldn't care about them, I guess two drunken people chatting automatically share this "bond". At the time, I genuinely felt like Denise mattered, and I sincerely told her that she should give it another try, go back to her husband, and tell him that you love him and things will work out. She seemed appreciative, she told me "I tried that, I just made a fool of myself every time I do". I gave her a hug, a kiss on the forehead, and wished her best of luck with everything, and told her thing will work out, however they work out, they always do. She told me that's the most affection she got in years. In the mean while, I introduced the Asian girl to my friend because she said she liked men in uniform, and I enjoy talking to Denise a lot more anyway.

At the end of the night, my friend gave the Asian girl his number, don't know how well it'll work out because women usually don't call first (in my experiences), but I'd definitely do an update on this post if I hear more things about it. Denise and I exchanged information, I truly felt I made a friend that night, I think I'll shoot her an Email tonight to keep in touch.

I only visit my family and friend in NY a few times a year, every time is special, and this trip was amazing.