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Monday, December 24, 2007

North Carolina: Best & Worst Cities for Dating in the USA

Earlier this year, I blogged about Washington DC to be "the best city for singles", now I just read an article about "best and worst city for dating" from

It measured a bunch of artificial stats, such as number of coffee houses and bowling alleys. What it doesn't measure are the more "subtle" things of each city, which there isn't hard data for:

  • Openness to casual dating - Repetitive dating without having to be committed to one person only
  • Men's Disposable Income for dating - Are guys barely getting buy and have to take women to the park, or do they usually have 50% of their paycheck left after bills, doing whatever they want with it?
  • Open-mindedness of people and social taboos - Do people give weird looks if couples are very different in age, race, economic class, or anything else that is out of the "ordinary"?
  • Openness to long-term dating - Are people (mostly women) okay with dating long-term? Or do people think "I have to be married by this age or nobody will want me" or "We have to get married within this time frame of dating or this isn't going anywhere and I don't want to keep dating you"
  • Goal of Dating - This blends into "openness to long-term dating" a bit, but do people date for the sake of dating, do dating bring people happiness/fulfillment, or is there a "goal" behind dating, such as marriage, sex, or to have someone to bring for weddings and company Christmas parties?

Personally, I think all the factors above have a higher impact on the "dating scene" comparing to the things that can be measured statistically, such as number of bars and concerts, but I'm sure that data is much tough to accumulate and is totally subjective. But for now, here're the results from the site:

Out of the 80 metro areas measured:
  • Raleigh/Durham came in top 10
  • Greensboro/Winston and Charlotte both came in bottom 10.


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