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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Apartment Finding - Part 2

After lots of work looking for an apartment, I've narrowed the choices down to 2 places.

Mission Oak Ridge (bottom pic)
Downtown Elm Street (top pic)
Feature (Not a pro or a con) * Traditional "Apartment" with typical amenities * Downtown Greensboro, apartment above a shop on a major busy downtown street
* "Mixed" neighborhood with all "types" of people
Pros * 5 min from work
* "Nice" neighborhood
* Sub-urby, but convenient to most of Greensboro, minutes from major high ways
* Basketball Court
* Middle of downtown, walking distance to bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and more
* Overlooking a major street from the 3rd floor
* It would be cool
Cons None * 25 minutes from work
* Street parking
* Utilities look "old" or dirty - such as kitchen and bathroom


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