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Friday, July 06, 2007

Drunk Blog Once More

I haven't drunk blogged in two weeks, and I thought I'd do it once more.

After a nice BBQ in Raleigh July 4th and crashing at a friend's in Winston Salem, I arrived at my parents' place in Charlotte around 2PM today. I rested up, and went to this restaurant that my friend owns, Zen Asian Fusion. It's a lovely restaurant which they had the idea of becoming a loungy club on weekend nights, just like some places in bigger cities. Our friend Nick joined us and we chatted for an hour or so, while I grabbed some good ol' southern Iced Tea and some appitizers.

After that I went to visit my friend Linh like we planned, and we were going to go play laser tag. It was in an "entertainment place" at a local mall, where they had bumper cars and go karts and everything. We were the only ones there wanting to play laser tag, what fun is shooting each other? We left and went to a restaurant, Macados, inside the mall, for some drinks. I had two drinks while she had one. We shot a few games of pool at Dave & Busters after that, and that was the beginning of a great night.

We arrived in downtown Charlotte around 9ish, and we barhopping. After I parked, we first went to this great lounge where they played live jazz. We grabbed one drink each, and went down the street to hit up this Irish place. We chatted with a couple of "regulars" in the Irish place as we sipped on our drinks. We hit up a bar that played random hiphop music after that. The bar seemed empty for some reason, it had a good vibe, fun bartenders, and cheap drinks. We each had our last drink there, and we walked around downtown Charlotte some more. We walked around some nice fountains in downtown Charlotte and it was beautiful.

Linh and I decided to call it a night, I dropped her home and picked up some McDonalds on the way home afterwards. It's been a while since I went barring in downtown Charlotte, great night, great company, life is great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U drank like four drinks and you are drunk? Come on man! At least you didn't hit on any servers again and get shot down in a blaze of glory.

7/06/2007 3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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