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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google Maps: DC Metro Stations

Google Maps Washington DC Metro Stations
Google Maps adds more data on subway stations everywhere, including the DC Metro.

while back, Google added subway stations as "landmarks" on their Google Maps, and now they're taking it one step further. Subway stations are now clickable and Google Maps will tell you what metro rail line it's on. For someone that goes into DC by metro, this addition of Google Maps is greatly appreciated.

Google, thanks again for all the free tools you've given to average web users.


Blogger Evan said...

I always thought this would be a good feature to add, especially when planning an NYC trip.

I have become a big google fanboy b/t gmail, gcal and google reader I could pretty much do away with everything else!

6/05/2007 4:10 PM  
Blogger Paul Zhao said...

Are you planning to go to NYC by car or plane? If by plane, I might join you and meet you there. If by car, then you have to stop by DC.

6/05/2007 4:52 PM  
Anonymous Patsy said...

Good post.

10/28/2008 9:31 PM  

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