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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chinese Culture - Redefining China's Family

Chinese Culture, Redefining China's FamilyToday’s homepage of featured a package, "Redefining China’s Family". It has a collection of articles talking about the modern Chinese culture in addition to a few video clips.

The section mentioned changes in economy and "open door policy" brought changes in family structure. One topic is women being financially independent, leading to a dramatic increase in divorce rates in China over the past decade, because they are less willing to be in unhappy marriages. Another topic was teenagers having sex and sex education, in comparison to their parents’ generation, where holding hands in public is frowned upon.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t around to see changes in pop culture in the past 15 years, but hopefully I’ll be back to see the results of it sometime in the near future.

Overall, I'd recommend this package anyone who wants to know more about Chinese pop culture or recent changes.


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