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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DC Feng Shui Class

Feng Shui's literal translation from Chinese is "Wind, Water". I took an intro to Feng Shui seminar in DC last week. I thought Feng Shui was about placing specific things (such as rocks) in specific places in your room or on your desk to bring "peace, health, and happiness", but I was wrong. Feng Shui isn't as abstract as I thought it was, it's just an ancient form of what's now called "environmental psychology".

They had different terms for different things, such as bedrooms should be cool, calm, relaxing, and they called it "filled with Yin energy". And on the opposite of that, the living room should be lively, bright, etc, (Yang energy).

I've realized that other than the modern day distractions, such as TV's and computers in my bedroom, I'm naturally a fairly "Feng Shui'ed" person. I intuitively position things that make most humans (especially myself) feel most comfortable, such as my bed is leaned against the wall opposite to the door, and I can see the door from my bed so I don't get surprised by anything. Of course, they had some "Fend Shui" metaphores for why that's a good thing (such as the wall is like a turtle shell behind you for maximum protection of life), but those are the principles of "good Feng Shui".

Overall, I'm glad I took the class, it was entertaining and enlightening.



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