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Monday, December 18, 2006

Playing Paintball

I decided to go playing paint ball with some friends yesterday (Sunday). It was my first time playing paint ball. We rented semi-automatic guns, and played about 5 games (15 minutes each). It was mostly capture the flag missions. I did terribly. I got shot all but one of those games, and I don't think I shot anyone. Well, I might've. I randomly shot a bunch of lobbing long range shots into "enemy territory", don't know if I got anyone or not. I don't think I even saw where the shots came from that hit me.

I was really surprised at how seriously some people take it. They have their own $300+ guns, and someone even came dressed in a net with fake leaves. I'm guessing those are the guys that play every weekend and stuff.

From all the hiding in bunkers and running down the field getting to the next bunker trying not to get shot, my body's all sore today, but it was worth it. I'm glad went.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gay Jumper Trumps Celtic Comeback for Grizzlies

My buddy Eddie sent me a link to this NBA article, knowing I would appreciate it very much. His Email said "Hey Paul, I know you would enjoy the title of this email. It's Rudy Gay, the guy who you made fun of on draft day." Ah.........he knows me too well.

On a more serious note, a coworker and I discussed whether it was unintentional or a marketing tactic, using a ridiculous title to attract attention to the story.

What do you guys think?


Monday, December 04, 2006

Quiet Sunday Alone

Today's the first day that I spent by myself in months. Usually, I go out even when I have no plans, such as the store or the arcade, or maybe the coffee house with a book. But due to the cold weather out there, I didn't go anywhere today.

My food consisted of two microwave meals and some icecream. Since I'm not into football, my entertainment was Sunday night fox TV shows, Internet TV episodes from Quick Silver Screen, and video games.

I also caught up on some erronds (such as bills), Emails, and some much needed sleep. Not an exciting Sunday, but I haven't taken a day for myself in so long, it's a refreshing change.