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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Plans Tonight

I'm trying to decide what I want to do for Halloween tonight. I procrastinated on getting a costume, so I'm reusing the one I had in 2004, the Grim Reaper. It looks pretty cool, cape, faceless mask, plastic scythe.

So far, I have two ideas on tonight's plans:

1. Walk up and down the streets of Georgetown DC, which is similar to Chapel Hill's Franklin Street.
2. Bar Crawl in Mount Pleasant DC


Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Round of Layoffs at Market Smart Interactive

Layoffs are tough on everyone, and I'm sad to hear through the grape vines that there was another round today at Market Smart Interactive. I remember there were around 150 employees when I left the company, and back then it was called Websourced. Now, I hear there're only about 20 employees. I feel lucky that I left the company when it was doing well, because I personally wouldn't want to be a part of the downfall of the company.

To all that are willing to relocate: I come across job openings in DC (mostly technical and copy-writing), and I'd love to help out anyone in need. ppzhao at

On the brighter side, some of us are at least seeing the lighter side of things, making limericks and short rhymes of politics at Market Smart Interactive.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Google Page Rank Update

Many blogs and forums talked about the Google PR update the weekend of 10/7, but I didn't notice the differences till the past weekend, 10/14. Google PR is how "popular" Google thinks your site and pages are. It's calculated mostly through the quantity and quality of links coming into your site, links within your site, and links going out of your site.

Page Rank Updates:
My blog is still 3 out of 10, same as before. slipped to 8/10 from 9/10.
Different "sections" of increased.
examples: Both Jobs and Real Estate sections are now 7/10 instead of the previous 6/10.

How about you guys? Did it effect your sites?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Importance of Sticking to Plans

Last week, I made dinner plans with someone for Sunday night at 7:30 at Olive Garden in Tyson's Corner. Around 6PM on Sunday, she called me and said something about her not having her car at the time and asked me if we could move it to around 8:30 or so. I dislike people who do that, almost like a girl "playing a game" and "testing how much crap I will take". I told her "that's a little too late for me, we can reschedule if you'd like", and left it at that (which we actually did later on). She politely apologized for it.

I just finished talking with my best female friend on the phone and she thinks I'm wrong on this one. Her exact words are "It's just like you, Paul. You think everyone out there is trying to take advantage of you, and you find something wrong with every person and quickly diss them".

Open question to all: Am I wrong on this one? Should I just put up with more (than currently level of) crap women give me and accept it in order to "have a healthy relationship", whether if it's friendship or anything else? Or should I keep my current "Take no crap from no-one early, or she will always think I'm a pushover and not respect me" attitude?


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chemical Fire in Apex NC

Being in the News industry, I heard there was a big chemical fire in Apex NC, and thousands of people evacuated their own homes. That must've totally sucked.

As soon as I heard the news, I called some people that I knew lived (or their parents lived) in Apex and Cary, just making sure my friends and their families are okay. Fortunately nobody I know had their lives affected by the fire.

Did I miss anyone that lived close enough to the fire that I forgot to call? If I did, I apologize for that. Does anyone know anybody whose life is totally upside down because of the fire?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Optometrists in Denver Colorado

I had a friend who was looking for an optometrist in Denver Colorado who didn’t have a phone book or Internet at the time and called for my help. He knows I’m always on the Internet and I can find him an optometrist in Denver quickly.

He actually asked me to find him an "eye doctor", and the first thing I started searching for was "Optometrist". After getting off the phone with my friend, I started being curious: Percentage wise, how many people search for Denver Optometrists and how many people search for Denver Eye Doctors? After some keyword research with the Overture tool (even though I know it only represents less than 30% of the Internet), I realized I was within the "norm" of other searchers. "Optometrists in Denver" is searched approximately three times as much as "Eye Doctors in Denver".

Just a random blurb about how my geekiness somehow accidentally flows into my social life.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Google Quote

Note: This is NOT an official quote from Google or any of its employees, but I read it somewhere and I just thought it was really funny.

"Speaking of Ask Jeeves, we kicked their @$$es so bad Jeeves ran away and left just Ask (currently Now they want you to “try” their new approach to search engines? HA! We could buy the little company with my Christmas bonus."