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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Pleasant Trip - Fortune Cookie Message

I went to a Chinese place for lunch today, and the fortune cookie said "You will have a pleasant trip". I don't think I ever got that message, and it's pretty cool to get that message the day before I drive to Charlotte.

Are fortune cookies fresh enough to be "seasonal"? Example: Would it say "Love is in the air" around Valentine's Day, and say "You will have a pleasant trip" around Thanksgiving? Or do Chinese restaurants buy in such bulk that the fortune cookies stay in their back rooms for months and months, and it's just a coincidence that I got one at the right time?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who worked in a Chinese restaurant for 2+ years, the fortune cookies didn't stay in the restaurant more than 5 days probably. As far as what happens to them before they get to the restaurant, I have no idea. But I would usually eat at least 2-3 cookies a day during my shift when I got hungry, and I never noticed any "seasonal" fortunes (although I had quite a few repeats and several fortunes that made absolutely no sense whatsoever). I guess it was just your destiny to get that fortune. :)

11/22/2006 10:31 AM  
Blogger Paul Zhao said...

Hmmm.........very insightful. I've had some repeats too in the past, the funniest one I got was "Beware of cookies telling fortunes", only got it once.

I guess it's my destiny to have "a pleasant trip".

11/22/2006 11:06 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

I'm just suprised that you got one with an actual fortune in it. What happened to those?? Nowdays I just get ones that say "You have a beautiful personality". Well thanks and all but that really doesn't tell me much about my future ya know. odd.

11/22/2006 6:15 PM  
Blogger Paul Zhao said...

Fortune for Allison:

Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery.

11/28/2006 11:05 AM  
Anonymous CR said...

Just in case you want to save your fortunes electronically: I save my fortune cookie fortunes at There is a page on the website where I can view all the fortunes and see what has come true.

1/12/2009 5:43 PM  
Anonymous JamesB said...

@CR I've had a look at Saving and Sharing my fortune cookie messages at, nice site! I've created an account... I really like the mobile version I get on my BlackBerry, too. BTW, I asked the manager at a Chinese restaurant in Schaumburg (near to Chicago), he said they go through about 1000 fortune cookies a day! Wow! He also said he had not seen any seasonal messages, either.

1/17/2009 2:45 PM  

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