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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Night Adventures

I'm surprised. Today's the day after Halloween and none of my friends blogged about Halloween adventures, I guess I'll be the first one.

I dressed up as the grim reaper and went bar hopping at Mt Pleasant, DC. I had a great time. Instead of having their busses take me to the other two bars, I decided to randomly walk up and down the street and look for bars.

I stopped at 3 bars and a restaurant (with a bar), and got one drink each over two hours. The restaurant was an interesting experience. It was a Mexican restaurant, and all the people there seemed to be able to speak Spanish. But the bartender, Heidi, was extremely nice and friendly, I ordered a rum & coke. While sipping on my rum & coke, I socialized a little with the others that were sitting in a bar, gave some props to others that were wearing Scream masks and such. It's Halloween night, everyone was drinking, everyone was looking for a good time, and nobody was a trouble maker. I guess that's one of the perks of being an adult; being able to go out and have fun without someone picking a fight.

I met some interesting people in great costumes, had a blast, got a few #'s, had a great time.



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