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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Live from Long Island - Day 2

Today went fairly well. Got up around 9:15 to have a business meeting at 10AM. Did the whole SEO presenation thing, had some discussion about SEO best practices, went over some traffic stats/graphs, everything went well and it ended around noon. I then met up with the Google team around 1PM. Google has a great office, and they give out free food. Free lunches reminded me of my first job at WBS, except the food is better and the drinks are free as well.

After the meeting, I took a cab to Laguardia Airport where my car rental reservation is. I rented from Enterprise. I'm renting for 4 days, and got a "one free day" coupon from my buddy Eddie, and the 3 days of rent is going to cost me around $150, which isn't too bad for NYC. Since I rigged my PDA into a GPS, I took it with me so I don't get lost in NY. My GPS told me the trip from the car rental to my relative's place on Long Island would take about an hour, but it took two due to traffic. I had dinner with some relatives, and I visited one of my best friends growing up (lived on Long Island for 5 years).

Business trip is officially over, let the fun begin (other than working from home 9-5).



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