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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last night in Long Island - Day 5's Saturday. I woke up around 9:30 and not have to work today. I met up a friend Rob for a bagel. I remember playing basketball with him on our neighborhood court when I was living on Long Island. He was about 3-4 years younger than everyone, so we all picked on him. I haven't seen him since I moved away, and it's been about 10 years.

After that, I caught a movie with a friend. "My super ex-girlfriend". It was pretty good. Cute, semi-romantic, creative, and humorous. Perfect for my friend and me. I see her every time I visit Long Island, so there's not much to catch up, just sit around and enjoy each other's company.

I then visited my buddy Ron. We also don't have much to chat about, we get together and play video games every time I visit him and talk nerdy stuffs such as computer programming and code.

After dinner, I visited my buddy Bobby, who is now an NYPD, and I'm proud of him. He's out there making a difference. He isn't sitting under bridges trying to pull over people who're trying to get to work on time in the morning; he is in subway stations keeping people safe. I hang with him for about two hours, caught up on a lot of stuff, and returned to Ron's place and played some more video games.

It's about 2AM, and I need to go to bed. I'm getting up around 9:30AM to drive to the airport tomorrow.



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