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Saturday, June 10, 2006

My new GPS

So after my buddy Eddie suggested I should get a GPS system, and me getting lost many many times because I’m new in the DC area, I finally cracked down and made the decision to get a GPS system for my car.

I currently have an old PDA, the Cassiopeia EM-500 (except mine’s blue). I’m not doing anything with it, so why not equip/change/rig it into a GPS system? I bought a GPS receiver and Pharos Ostia software (the only GPS city mapping software that’ll work with a PDA as old as mine) from the Internet, and it cost me about $70 total.

I’m starting to mess around with it. I’ve gotten the mapping, GPS, and directions to work, but I haven’t gotten the “voice prompts” to work yet. I will though. I’m also in the process of buying a car mount, so I don’t hold it in my hand while driving. I’m guessing I’d either buy a windshield suction cup kind or a vent clipper kind, haven’t decided yet. I’m also thinking of ways to “organize” my car so the wires from it doesn’t run everywhere making my whole car look messy.

I’ll probably post pictures of the whole setup upon completion, more to come.


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