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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HTML Knowledge Level

I read an interesting blog about the evaluation of someone's HTML skills. The ranking goes from level 0, which is someone who doesn't even know what HTML is, to level 6, which is someone who's looking to develop new HTML code, set new HTML web standards.

It's somewhat interesting, and I think I'd rank myself a level 2, without the back-end programming experience. I know the simple formatting tags, and I know what's "possible" with HTML.



Blogger Allison said...

I'd probably say I'm level 4....aiming for level 5 at some point. I just don't have the motivation currently, heh.

6/07/2006 11:28 AM  
Blogger Paul Zhao said...

Damn Allison, I didn't know you were that good at this HTML stuff. In that case, can you make me a website? j/k

6/07/2006 11:55 AM  

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